Your Friendly Guide to Sprucing Up Your Multifamily Property’s Online Presence with Local Backlinks (continued)

Continuing from our article posted to LinkedIn, here’s an expanded version with additional details and tactics:

  1. Local SEO Optimization: Beyond basic listings, ensure your property’s website is optimized for local search by incorporating geo-specific keywords and phrases into your content. Create location-specific pages if your property serves multiple areas, each with unique content that highlights the local community, landmarks, and amenities.
  2. Community Blogging and Guest Posting: Establish a blog on your property’s website that not only showcases life at your property but also highlights local events, businesses, and attractions. Reach out to local bloggers or community websites and offer to write guest posts that provide value to their audience while including a link back to your website.
  3. Host and Sponsor Local Events: Organize events that cater to the local community, such as art shows, farmers’ markets, or charity fundraisers at your property. Sponsoring local sports teams, school events, or community initiatives can also generate positive press and backlinks from local organizations’ websites and social media.
  4. Create a Local Resource Page: Develop a comprehensive local resource page on your website that lists local businesses, emergency contacts, utility companies, public transport options, and other useful information for new residents. Reach out to the businesses and services you list, informing them of the resource, and ask if they’d consider linking to it.
  5. Participate in Local Online Forums and Groups: Engage with local communities on platforms like Nextdoor, Facebook Groups, or city-specific forums. Offer valuable advice and insights without overtly promoting your property. Establishing yourself as a helpful community member can lead to organic mentions and backlinks.
  6. Offer Exclusive Discounts to Local Businesses for Residents: Partner with local businesses to offer exclusive discounts or perks to your residents. Create a dedicated section on your website to list these offers, and ask the businesses to link back to this page from their website or social media as part of the partnership.
  7. Leverage Alumni Networks: If your property is in a college town, connect with local university alumni networks. Offer special leasing deals for alumni and ask the university’s alumni association to feature your property on their website or in their newsletters.
  8. Showcase Your Property in Local Directories: Beyond Google Business Profile and Yelp, ensure your property is listed in local directories and chamber of commerce websites. These sites are often authoritative and can provide valuable backlinks.
  9. Use Hyperlocal Content: Create content that’s hyperlocal – not just about your city, but about your neighborhood. Discuss neighborhood history, hidden gems, and upcoming local projects. This type of content is highly shareable among local residents and can attract backlinks from local news outlets and community blogs.
  10. Interactive Local Map: Develop an interactive map on your website that highlights local attractions, restaurants, parks, and amenities. Make it a useful tool for both residents and prospects. Reach out to the businesses and attractions featured on the map, as they might link to it as a resource for their customers.
  11. Scholarship Programs: Create a scholarship program for local students and promote it through local schools and educational institutions. This not only supports the community but can also generate backlinks from educational websites, which are highly regarded by search engines.

By integrating these strategies, the article becomes a comprehensive guide that not only suggests how to create local backlinks but also deeply engages with the local community, fostering goodwill and positive associations with your multifamily property.

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