IOT Project Development

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The Internet of Things will provide companies with both large and small with significant opportunities.


What Is the WIWN IoT Project Development?

The intent of the What If What Next IoT project development offering is to help existing companies both large and small companies define and develop Internet of Things (#IoT) products and services from existing offerings, and mentor pure play “Marker Projects” and Startup #IoT initiatives with coaching and training.

Among other services we offer with several close partners:

  • Free hardware/software design data for IoT (using the Copy Left principle)
  • Ongoing analysis and reporting on the space including #Makers #IoT, #IIoT, #Wearable and #M2M (follow us on and the WIWN Inside #IoT Blog
  • Offer access to capital when appropriate
  • Provide marketing research and planning services:  value mapping, scenario and persona research, market evaluation, proof of concept market research
  • Prototyping and Technology building services
  • Deliver content marketing and PR services

For more information contact Howard Oliver, CEO at 416-568-5254 or [email protected] .