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We crafted this prompt to produce a blog post about a client’s property using details from its listing. Feel free to adapt this prompt to showcase one of your properties.



“You are a single guy moving to Mobile Al for a new job. A one-bedroom apartment caught your eye called Marigold Apartments (6501 Airport Boulevard Mobile, AL 36608, T: (251) 342-0100) with a one Bedroom 1 with Bed 1 Bath 383 SQFT for $710.00 – $824.00. community amenities include Laundry Facilities, Online Services Elevator, Pool, Sundeck, Grill, Picnic Area. Apartment amenities include High-Speed Internet Access, Air Conditioning, Smoke-Free Cable, and Ready Wheelchair Accessible (Rooms)Disposal, Microwave Hardwood Floors, Carpet Window Coverings. You like that.

Marigold has three shopping centers within 0.5 miles, about a 9-minute walk. You have asked a girlfriend of yours who has a talent for interior decorating how she would decorate your new apartment so it would feel like a “man cave.” You like your sports and want football as a theme centring around a big sofa where you can chill with friends and watch games. You also want a well-equipped kitchen so you can entertain.

Your girlfriend responded to your idea for your new home with a detailed letter describing how she would make your new apartment special based on your description. She also commented on the amenities. Write that letter from the girlfriend. Add a table at the end with the items you should buy and the stores you can get what you need in Mobile Al. If you need help to identify a store in Mobile, mention national retailers and department stores.”


Chat GPT4 – The letter from the girlfriend

Hey there!

First off, a massive congrats on the new gig and the big move to Mobile, AL! I’ve got to say, hearing about your spot at Marigold has me a tad jealous. What a find! With those amenities and that location, you’re in for a treat.

Alright, onto the exciting stuff – making that space truly yours. Knowing your passion for sports and that dream of a football haven, I’ve got a few thoughts to turn your pad into the ultimate hangout.

Living Room: Picture this: a plush, oversized couch in a laid-back neutral shade, right in the middle of the action. It’s where the magic happens – game nights, movie marathons, you name it. Got space to spare? A sectional could be your best friend. And for the walls? Let’s make them shout your team pride. Whether it’s jerseys from your favorite players, some rad posters, or a jaw-dropping football field decal, let’s make it a shrine. And lighting? It’s more than just bulbs and switches. Think cozy floor lamps with dimmers to get that just-right ambiance. Oh, and a sturdy coffee table is a must – somewhere to park those nachos and cold ones. Bonus points if it’s got sneaky storage for all those bits and bobs.

Kitchen: First up, high five on already having a microwave! Now, how about a couple of bar stools by the counter? Perfect for morning coffees, late-night chats, or just hanging out. And if you’re planning to whip up some culinary magic or play host, a set of trusty pots and pans is a must. And that grill pan? It’s your ticket to flavor town.

Bathroom: Now, don’t overlook this space – it’s where you start and end your day. Think of the bathroom as a mini oasis. Start with some soft, plush towels in colors that complement the rest of your apartment. A non-slip bath mat is both functional and a chance to add some style. Consider adding some green with a low-maintenance plant like a snake plant or a ZZ plant; they thrive in bathroom humidity. For storage, floating shelves or over-the-toilet units can be both stylish and practical. And for that final touch? A shower curtain that ties everything together, maybe even one with a subtle nod to your love for sports. Remember, it’s all about creating a space where you can relax and recharge.

Amenities: Can we talk about the laundry facilities? No more coin laundries or waiting in line. Pure bliss! And after a day of hustling, the pool and sundeck are calling your name. Perfect for a lazy afternoon or making a splash with friends. And the grill and picnic spot? It’s like Marigold knew you were coming. If you’re thinking BBQs and sunny weekends, maybe a portable grill set should be on your shopping list. Here’s to many sizzling afternoons!

Shopping List: (You know me I love charts!)

Room/AreaItemDescriptionWhere to Shop
Living RoomCouchBig, comfy, neutral shade. Consider a sectional if space allows.IKEA, Ashley Furniture
Wall DecorJerseys, team posters, or a football field decal.Sports Memorabilia stores, Amazon
LightingFloor lamps with dimmers for ambiance.Target, Lowe’s
Coffee TableSturdy with storage for snacks and remotes.IKEA, Wayfair
KitchenBar StoolsFor the counter, casual dining or hanging out.HomeGoods, Bed Bath & Beyond
CookwareTrusty pots, pans, and a grill pan.Williams Sonoma, Walmart
BathroomTowelsSoft, plush, in complementing colors.Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s
PlantsLow-maintenance like snake plant or ZZ plant.Local nurseries, Home Depot
StorageFloating shelves or over-the-toilet units.IKEA, Target
Shower CurtainStylish, potentially with a subtle sports nod.Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond

Remember, while these are suggestions and places to start, always choose items that resonate with your personal style and comfort!

Wishing you all the best in setting up your new home. Can’t wait to see it!

Warm regards,

[Girlfriend’s Name]

P.S. Don’t forget to invite me over for the first game night! 😉

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