Our menu of activities and deliverables

  • Prepare complete media list and published article inventory: Industry (trades), and a regional focus (local media)
  • Ongoing media and competitor tracking
PR Planning and Execution

  • Set marketing communication objectives and focus
  • Prioritize target market segments
  • Create personas and solution sets
  • Provide weekly progress reports and online posting of documents
Outreach/Influencer Marketing

  • Outreach to target specific market segments:
    • Build target market lists
    • Prepare and send promotional eBlasts
    • Direct LinkedIn prospecting
    • Identify and contact industry influencers
  • Direct marketing and campaigns including lead identification in targeted industries and geographies, drip marketing via emails and social media (e.g. LinkedIn) and phone calls.
  • Inbound campaigns: link building, landing pages, and onsite lead capture.
  • Geographically target York Region as a testing ground for program

  • Build media kit
  • Prepare web content for target markets
  • Employ 3-Week Agile PR Sprints:
    • Write and publish press releases
    • Initiate media outreach to ensure important industry and regional coverage
    • Ensure reporters/editors are aware of the news contained in media release
  • Prepare to accompany media releases:
    • White papers
    • CEO-focused articles (e.g., “Be prepared, not reactive”; and Tech-focused backgrounders; infographics and audios or videos.
  • Leverage breaking news and manage and amplify social media
  • Post weekly to blog – more frequently on client’s social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

  • Review content and development of sales materials including collateral, sell sheets, presentations, and infographics
  • Support website design/structural project management
  • Set weekly editorial calendar for contributed articles, blog, client’s social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter using unique hashtags)
  • Fine-tune and add content for website as required
Events and Conferences

  • Launch activities as required
  • Identify and attend events
  • Secure speaking opportunities
  • Plan and execute launches, lunch and learns, training events, etc.


To receive a detailed campaign road map to achieve your PR objectives, contact us at 416-568-5254 or [email protected].