Act-On Software
Simple Intranet is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin for small to large sized businesses. has become an Act-On APEX Partner. Act-On Software’s cloud-based marketing automation platform is the foundation of successful marketing campaigns everywhere — from small, simple and direct, to complex globally implemented programs. Act-On’s technology features an Instant-On™ database for accelerated campaign implementation; an easy, highly intuitive user interface; and a comprehensive, feature-rich solution set. This includes a best-in-class email engine with one-click integration to leading web conferencing and CRM solutions; tools for website visitor tracking, lead scoring, lead nurturing and social media prospecting; design tools for web forms, landing pages and emails; and more. Act-On is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, with offices in Roseville and Menlo Park, California, and Bangalore, India.

Cloud Search Portal
What If What Next has partnered with CloudSearchPortal. Cloud Search Portal by ACIS Consulting is a managed service offering that enables search service managers to deliver unparalleled value to businesses. With Cloud Search Portal, customers can move their search service from a traditional data centre to a hosted and fully managed cloud environment and your entire search service is managed and optimized by professionals with deep search expertise. Today, 90% of companies report that customers use search to find information about a product on their website. Cloud Search Portal improves cost savings and employee productivity by helping users instantly find and distribute the information they need. Media companies, trade associations, financial institutions, call centres and other organizations maintaining large volumes of documents that are scattered in multiple websites have benefited hugely from making all of their content quickly accessible using this cloud based solution.

What If What Next has become a Viralheat partner. To provide real time data for our competitive research offering, we use Viralheat’s monitoring analysis features to understand competitors’ performance on social media, monitor conversations, and track campaign performance.

Simple Intranet
What If What Next has partnered with Simple Intranet. Simple Intranet is cost effective, easy-to-use WordPress Intranet plugin for small to large sized businesses with strong functionality. Intranets can be deployed to engage employees, alliance partners, and hole market places in a secure space offering Facebook like interactions, directories, event calendar, training programs, content and event listings, HR and expense forms, employee profiles.

Cloud Best
We work extensively in the Canadian cloud computing space with the Cloud Computing Best Network. The objective of the network is to build a knowledge base of Cloud Best Practices that underpin a consulting and solutions program that assists customers to migrate successfully and profitably to Cloud Computing. What If What Next collaborates with the Cloud Best Practices Network and Neil McEvoy to create powerful social media marketing campaigns and cutting edge content for clients in this rapidly emerging space.


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