Consulting Opportunity

Regional Marketing Multifamily Marketing Consultant

At What If What Next, we’re more than just marketers–we’re leading specialists in marketing Category B and C multifamily properties. With years of experience and a proven track record of success, we deeply understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with these properties.

And we are expanding.

Do you have experience in property or leasing management for Class B and C Multifamily Properties?

If so, we have a fantastic opportunity for you to join the What If What Next team as a Regional Marketing Multifamily Marketing Consultant.

In this part-time role, you’ll have the chance to grow your marketing skills while helping property managers and leasing agents to maximize their success. You’ll be responsible for liaising with client property and leasing managers, identifying their unique needs, and helping develop and deliver tailored marketing plans and campaigns to attract and retain tenants. With your expertise and the considerable resources of our company, you’ll help clients stay ahead of the competition and build their business in the long term.

As a Regional Marketing Multifamily Marketing Consultant, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a team of like-minded professionals passionate about driving results for our clients. You’ll collaborate on exciting projects, from local market research to identifying target audiences, creating marketing materials, and managing promotional efforts. You’ll also have the chance to track the success of each marketing campaign and help adjust as needed, ensuring that our client’s marketing efforts are consistently effective.

This position is perfect for those with an established network of local property and leasing managers interested in taking their marketing skills to the next level. As a Regional Marketing Multifamily Marketing Consultant, you’ll be part of a cost-effective way for Class B and C Multifamily Properties to improve their marketing. Rather than hiring a full-time marketing staff member, property management teams can work with our consulting team as needed, giving them access to fresh ideas and expertise they may need in-house.

If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding part-time position that will allow you to make a real difference in the success of Class B and C Multifamily Properties in your region, we encourage you to apply today. At What If What Next Consulting, we’re committed to providing associates with a supportive and exciting work environment where they can learn, grow, and thrive.

So why wait? Contact Howard Oliver, Managing Partner for more information at 416-568-5254, [email protected]. Let’s get started on this exciting new journey together!