Community PR Key for Multifamily Marketing

Community PR helps owners and operators create lasting relationships with their residents, prospective residents, suppliers, local communities, government officials, media outlets, organizations, and other stakeholders. A way to communicate a brand and a vision while building bridges to the greater local public. Community PR activities can include:

Always be personally accessible
Articles in local newspapers
Build and maintain a business referral network
Civic committee participation
Contest Corporate and community organization partnerships
Give Referrals
Hand out flyers/posters/cards for other businesses Interviews
Local TV and radio appearances
Open houses
Participate in trade shows
Partner with influencers
PR stunts
Press releases
Public forums
Public speaking
Send handwritten letters
Social media platforms
Special events
Sports team sponsorships
Volunteer activities

Community PR efforts provide an opportunity to give back to the neighborhood by supporting local causes and initiatives. An effective community PR strategy ultimately helps multifamily properties achieve greater success in core business metrics. With targeted strategies and well-crafted messages, owners and operators can use their resources to make a lasting impact on their local communities, generate excitement around it from all corners of its local landscape and foster a sense of goodwill towards the property and increase tenant satisfaction levels. 

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