Our PR Service Offerings

We are keen on taking responsibility for communicating your technology company’s news, events, and research to your core markets in order to grow and enhance your company’s image and brand globally. You will work with your senior management team to plan and implement PR strategies and create an informed and receptive climate for marketing your organization. We will accomplish this goal by collaborating with external media (paid and non-paid), business groups, stakeholder communities, and other groups to generate positive public awareness of your company.
Our Key Responsibilities:
– Develop, manage and implement all phases of PR strategies for the organization
– Coordinate and direct all promotional events, press-related activities, interviews, etc.
– Build and maintain media kit
– Write press releases, news articles, media advisories, Q&A sheets, fact sheets, newsletters, and other PR collateral
– Track and respond to relevant media calendars
– Build and maintain a network of essential media contacts, including local and national broadcast, trade publications, journalists, and other contacts
– Use direct contact, calls, and social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook) to nurture relationships with key writers and editors
– Seek out media exposure opportunities by initiating PR campaigns in print, Web, and broadcast formats
– Align digital content with PR objectives

Work with senior managers to ensure product positioning and that message is disseminated in a consistent manner
– Assist in product launch planning and communication
– Manage paid media strategy across industry and consumer media outlets
– Integrate pre-established marketing messages into PR plans, taking into account branding and market positioning
– Develop and maintain knowledge of corporate offerings and competitor actions within the marketplace
– Manage a PR budget in relation to events, plans, and special events
– Assist in the development of strategic marketing plan to increase market share and achieve quarterly revenue goals
– Assist in the development and execution of marketing materials, including collateral, advertising, digital media

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